Astrid Kruisselbrink
Astrid Kruisselbrink

Interacties;  (2006-2014)

for violin and percussion

length about 30 minuten

published by the composer

try-out by Heleen Hulst and Peppie Wiersma of the 3 first parts, 2008, Eindhoven.

Interaties is composed of 5 duets, all interactions between elements and materials, but also interactions between individuals, or an individual and (lifeless) elementsm or an individual with oneself. The fourth piece, Schijnbewegingen is dedicated to the composers teacher, Klaar de Vries, who celbrated his 70th birthday in 2014.

1. Gisting; for violin en xylofone
2. Reflecties; for violin and tape recorders
3. Tegenstemmen; for violin and singing/sawing saw
4. Schijnbewegingen; for violin and record player
5. Neerslag: for violin and snare drum

Written with financial backing of the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst.
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