Astrid Kruisselbrink
Astrid Kruisselbrink

“Strokes” (2007)

for violin and piano

length aprox. 10 minutes

published by Donemus

première by duo Hulst/Bouwhuis.

I wrote 'strokes' when I was requested by festival November Music and the duo Hulst/Bouwhuis to write a new piece. I was contemplating wrtiting a piece that would musically mimic 'touch' which I tried to accomplish in this piece. The piece starts out from one basic theme of a 10 tone chord broken up in 5, that keeps returning. In different ways the piano and violin  add tecture and color to each other's sounds. The title refers to stroking, petting and hitting.  The basic 10-tone theme recurs throughout, but keeps developing and allowing more space for other strokes to pass by.

´Strokes´ was written in commision for het Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst.